Your Special Events

Hey there boss!

Your team has been working really hard, haven't they? They deserve to kick back a little, and so do you. So why not let us take you on a Hummer tour that guarantees to provide enough laughs, thrills and excitement to have everyone talking about it for the rest of the year? At only $375 for up to 11 passengers, you will love the price almost as much as the experience!

Who da best man?

You are, that's who. You want to make this Bachelor/Bachelorette party go off with a BANG! Start your day with an exciting and memorable Hummer tour that will get everyone in the mood for a unforgettable night. Bumping and grinding isn't just for the dance floor - let us show you what the H1 can do to make your day even more special.

Everything else

Horseshoe Hummer Tours can guarantee a laugh-a-minute, thrilling ride for you and all your friends, family or colleagues for any special occasion; group tours are just $375. You can also arrive in style, when we chauffeur you to your special event for just $150 per hour. We book group tours at custom times, so simply call us on 705-999-0905 or email us at to arrange the best time for you and your crew.
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