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Word of Mouth, or Why We Love Recommendations

I’d like to tell you a story, about a week in the life of Horseshoe Hummer Tours.

The other week, Isaac was taking out a tour and, as usual, was chatting at our photo stop with some of our passengers about how they heard about us. One of the women looked familiar. She told Isaac that we had in fact been in to the shop where she worked, a few days prior, when my sister and her husband were visiting from England and we were running all over the area doing the tourist thing. When we had been in that particular shop, we spotted our Horseshoe Hummer Tours rack cards on the wall there, and we were super excited to see them! She said she was intrigued by how enthusiastic we all were, so after we left she took a look at the rack card herself. She decided that it looked cool (it is!) and she booked herself and her boyfriend, who lives a couple of hours south, a tour for the following week. They absolutely loved it! She told us she had already discussed it with her dad about it, who wanted to book the whole family for a tour, and to her boss, who was looking for a fun activity in the area to take the staff on, and now she was going to recommend to both of them that they book with us.

On the same tour, there was a family of six. Two of the kids had been on the tour the previous week with their grandmother. They had had such a good time, they had persuaded their dad to take them again, this time with the rest of the family. That evening, we had a call from someone whose daughters had met those same kids while staying at Carriage Hills resort, and they had told them that they absolutely HAD to do the Hummer tour. They were leaving the next morning to go and visit family, but we managed to fit them in for an early tour before they had to head off (one of the benefits of being a small family-run business is that we can be flexible with our tour times when we need to be!)

We love what we do. Of COURSE we do. Who wouldn’t? But what is even better is that YOU love what we do too! Hearing a family giggling away together as we bump and wind our way through the forest, or having a whole truck full of people singing along to Johnny Cash on our carefully-selected soundtrack, or hearing how someone heard about us from someone else they met who said we were a MUST DO in the area: now that’s music to our ears. We want to be the best at what we do, so we get to hear that sweet sweet music even more!

Would you like to join our cheerleading squad?!

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