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You’re never too old for fun

We are often asked if our tours are suitable for older guests. Yes, absolutely they are! In fact, it may be the very best way for people who may not be up for a hike, or feel very comfortable on a mountain bike, to experience the forest. To illustrate this point, meet Hattie.

Hattie is 91 years old, and came out with her grand-daughter Catherine on one of our tours last week. She giggled her way through the tour, LOVED driving the side slopes and said she felt very confident in the Hummer’s abilities. In fact, her only complaint was that Isaac drove too slowly and the tour wasn’t long enough! Afterwards, she took Isaac for popcorn and cotton candy as a thank you, and we just want you to know, Hattie, that you are welcome back ANYTIME. In fact, we are already looking forward to celebrating your 100th birthday in the Hummer!

We always cater our tours to whomever is in the truck. We can drive faster, and over more bumps, if you that’s what you’re into, or we can take it a bit more easy if you’re nervous. It’s not our goal to scare you! We just want you to be able to learn about the Simcoe County Forest and find out about the history of the area, plus show off the incredible capabilities of the H1 Hummer while we do it. We have had people of all ages and abilities take our tours and every one of them have loved being able to see the forest from a whole new perspective.


If you have any special needs or requirements, or you just want to check with us if you will be able to join us on our tour, feel free to call us anytime on 705-999-0905 or email us at [email protected] and we’d love to discuss how we can have fun together!



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